Finally dipped my toes in the temperature controlled Sous Vide water. This cooking method is great for things that are hard to not overcook or for temperatures that are impossible to reach with enough time to perform the cooking chemistry. An example would be a tough cut of beef cooked medium. Sous Vide allows you to not raise the temperature above medium well still allowing for the connective tissue to break down. I have only tried the Anova sous vide, but it is very easy to use and works great. I don’t often use the accompanying app, but it seems like it would be a useful tool for recipes. I see no need for the more expensive ones or for specific containers to sous vide in. Just a big pot works well enough.

Here’s some great recipes to get you started:

If you do want something to slow the evaporation down, pick up one of these cheap bags of ping pong ball knock offs. As the water evaporates it hits the ball, causing it to spin and dump the water back in. I’ve only found this to be an issue for cooking times greater than 4 hours. Worked really well on a 52 hour cook of eye of round.