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Best PC Monitor

One Large Monitor One trend is to move to the single large monitor. Resolution at 4k is great enough that you can easily fit two or more documents on screen at once. You don't have to turn to see different monitors, and there are no screen edges for a seamless viewing...

Best Bed

I find my bed to be supremely comfortable. It has taken years of sleep study to get to this point. For anyone interested in duplicating this divine setup, here's everything you need.Bed Frame Easy to put together Looks great with most rooms Inexpensive Padded corners...

2018 Product Recap

2018 went by in a whirlwind. Lux was born, built a 3D printer, and technology continues to develop at an ever increasing pace. Hanna and I started working on an educational card game: Warrning: Flatulence Ahead (name may change), a game that stinks a little. Here's...

Prusa MK3 Bed Leveling

TLTR: Setup the octoprint prusa mesh map with the modified lock nut method of attaching the heatbed. These Washers and Lock Nuts are perfect for this project. Nylon Washers: Nylon Lock Nuts: Steps to get your bed within...

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