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AQI to Cigarettes Calculator

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Recommended Router and Modem

If you have cable internet, you need a modem and a router. A modem takes the internet from the cable company. A router spreads the internet from the modem around the house with WiFi. You need a cable to connect the two.The modem I currently have. Works really well,...

When screen goes black, but you can still see and move the cursor.

Ran into an issue with the screen going black but still being able to move the cursor. I was able to get back in by hitting the windows key, then typing "explorer" and hitting enter. Had to do it twice.

Add Power BI Downloaded Visuals to All New Reports

Right click on a visualizations chart and click Pin to Visualizations pane.

Hard Drive Not Visible

Plugged in a new SSD and couldn't find it.  I can see it on diskpart.exe Determined it wasn't initialized. Used this link here to figure out how to set it up: Other thing to note is NTFS should be...