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Add Power BI Downloaded Visuals to All New Reports

Right click on a visualizations chart and click Pin to Visualizations pane.

Hard Drive Not Visible

Plugged in a new SSD and couldn't find it.  I can see it on diskpart.exe Determined it wasn't initialized. Used this link here to figure out how to set it up: Other thing to note is NTFS should be...

Next Gen Storage

Next computer will need to be able to handle the new form factor. Looks like the speeds are incredible.

Stock Experiment

Premise: Index funds are becoming extremely skewed by a handful of their members due to market capitalization. Market volatility provides an opportunity to potentially find companies with strong financials but being punished by a general sell off. Applying due...

Wifi Connected, but no Internet

When the internet goes down and you are unable to connect try these instructions. I have yet to figure out why this has started happening, but it seems that my registry keeps getting modified.   Phase 1: Reset Network Adapter and DNS using Command Prompt Run...