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Wifi Connected, but no Internet

When the internet goes down and you are unable to connect try these instructions. I have yet to figure out why this has started happening, but it seems that my registry keeps getting modified.   Phase 1: Reset Network Adapter and DNS using Command Prompt Run...

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World CountersVirus ChartsCalifornia ChartsTracker Tracker Tracker Overview of Pandemic Mathmatical Models Ney York Times Global Outbreak Tracker Costco Toilet Paper

Index Match Formula

Good breakdown of Index Match formula for sheets. Summary of the formula: =INDEX ( Column I want a return value from , MATCH ( My Lookup Value , Column I want to Lookup against , Enter “0” ))  ...

Great Headphones for Most People

Pros Very comfortable Noise cancellation is great for planes Long battery life   Cons Expensive Use my affiliate link to buy the latest version on Amazon.