There are quite a few options when you need to move. An option that worked for me recently was renting a Sedan. If you aren’t bringing big furniture with you (you are selling it on craigslist, it’s only worth a few bucks since you got it at IKEA, it would be more expensive to move it than to buy new stuff, etc.), you may be able to fit everything you need into a sedan. I recently had to figure out how to move from Vancouver, WA to San Diego, CA. I had a few things that I didn’t really want to leave behind, but I didn’t want to fly¬†either. I had a desktop I had built, a few monitors, and some tools among¬†other things. I found a rental on Kayak where I could return to a different location with unlimited miles. The drive took just under 20 hours including a 3.5 hour nap and getting stuck in traffic and a thunderstorm (a first for July in Southern CA). Total costs was approximately $550. You’d be surprised how many things you can fit in a car if you pack well.