TLTR: Setup the octoprint prusa mesh map with the modified lock nut method of attaching the heatbed. These Washers and Lock Nuts are perfect for this project.
Steps to get your bed within 0.02mm level.
  1. Setup Octoprint:
  2. Install PrusaMeshMap:
  3. Follow this guide to setting up your heatbed:
  4. Once you are within 0.02 I would stop.
  5. I captured each step of my leveling in this document here:
    • You can see I started at 1.414 bed variance at 9:31 and got it down to 0.018 at 11:56 with 31 mesh maps.
    • I wasn’t working on this constantly. It takes approximately 2 minutes per leveling, so in theory, I could have gotten this done in 62 minutes if this is all I was doing.
  6. Before I started I tried using the Bed Mesh Visualizer plugin:
    • It took me 2 tries to realize the orientation was super funky, and I was adjusting the wrong edges.
    • I also found it much more difficult to read.
    • I started off at 0.7mm before I took everything apart and used the PrusaMeshMap plugin instead, so my final bed level is 0.68mm better than where I started.

I kept running into issues with my prints not sticking well enough in some areas well being totally smashed in others. I ended up stumbling upon the idea of using octoprint to level it further. I had been meaning to put that together on a spare RPI I had lying around anyways. I found the process pretty straightforward. There are great guides out there already which I’ve linked to. I did add nylon washers in front of the lock nuts because I found that provided a firm tightness between the screw and the nut. I would potentially damage the heatbed while turning the screw otherwise. The nylon washers protect the bed and allow it to turn better. You’ll just want to make sure you level it at the printing temperature as the nylon may change size under different temperatures. So far I’m very happy with my bed level. I think I could probably get it further leveled, but I would want a longer Allen wrench to be able to more precisely move the bed screws in small increments. Below you can see where I started and where I ended.