So I needed a logo for my website Transformible. I decided to give Fiverr a shot. I selected “I will design 2 AWESOME logo design in 48 hours for $5.” Many of the options had lead times of several weeks. This one also provided two logos. After purchasing the gig for $5.50 (there is a $.50 processing fee), I was asked to provide some information for the logo design:

Thanks for the order, kindly provide me following.
– company name, website, market/niche, desired colors,

– sample/reference, special instructions, existing logo, your ideas.

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I provided the details they were asking for. 


Company name: Transformible
Website: password: letmein
market: workout supplements, fitness
desired colors: blue

Key words associated with brand: transparent, performance, sensible. Those three were used to make the name trans – form – ible. Ideally don’t want a logo too masculine as women purchase the product as well.

Transformible was created in response to a need for transparency in the fitness and health industry. Originally oriented around producing a workout powder that would provide the ingredients needed without extraneous components thrown in for hype and marketing purposes, Transformible expanded and has become a transparent source of information to promote performance and clarity. We provide sensible solutions that can be utilized with realistic expectations to take your body where you want it to go.

Let me know if you need anymore information.


Three days later I received the order. They let me know I could have 2 free revisions with the order if I wanted. 

Your Order is ready..!!

I have attached the file in JPG & PNG formats, kindly download it.

If you want any modification, just drop a message. You have 2 free revision round with your order.
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►►IMPORTANT NOTICE: this service is run with professionalism and with total attention to the buyer. In case of problems with the delivery or modification, just send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible to address the issue.

If fiverr system marks this order as “completed”, you can contact me over here:

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Thanks for your business.
Best regards,

Here are the logos they created:

The first one gave me the initial gut reaction that my product is causing people to grow leaves out of their armpits. Reminded me of Troll 2 and nobody wants that.


The second one looks like one of the basic tutorials online. I did like the colors quite a bit more, but the logos are pretty basic and don’t really tell you anything about the product.

I could see these types of services being really handy if you just need something, but don’t really care about it that much. I decided to try a couple of logos on my own to see what I could come up with.


This seems to be one of those you get what you pay for services.