So I was trying to watch a movie the other day and it kept coming in really poorly on Netflix. I wanted to see if there was a way to force it to only play in HD. I was willing to let it buffer for a few minutes if that would work to enable HD to play, but couldn’t seem to make any progress. I did a little searching online and found a really interesting menu that is on the Netflix instant player. If you hold SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + S you will bring up a menu that allows you to modify your Netflix Video Bitrate. As you can see in the menu displayed below, there are multiple selections currently highlighted for Video Bitrate. If you modify it to just the 1750¬†value, it will force your player to utilize the top video quality¬†available for your video.
netflix menu


Modify the menu to have only 1750 selected to force the top value available as shown below. You can possibly play with the CDN (Content Delivery Network) to see if a different delivery will improve your connection speed. As long as your internet can handle it, you can force the highest quality. Enjoy your Netflix.