Summary: If your speed is slow and it isn’t your provider, upgrade your modem¬†and router.


  • Run a speedtest
    • Is your speed slower than what you have purchased?
      • If slower, connect directly to the modem (or router/modem if they are a combined unit) with an Ethernet cable.
        • If this is still slow, you are either not getting what you are paying for or your modem is capping your speeds. Contact your provider and depending on the outcome of that conversation consider investing in a better modem. If you had a combined modem/router, you’ll need to get a router as well.
        • If this is not slow, then your WiFi is likely the issue. You likely need a new router. Depending on the size of your house, the Google Wifi system is the easiest, best quality system I’ve used. You can buy as many of the routers as you need to create a WiFi mesh system that will cover your entire home.
      • If your speed is not slower than you are expecting, the issue is likely not on your side and there isn’t much you can do.