For years I was interested in making my own websites. I did so several times and kept running into random problems, or when IE was still more popular compatibility issues. The last time I decided to I decided to switch to a Content Management System and choose WordPress. Then I spent time looking into building my own theme. Eventually I decided to just use a theme, start generating content, and eventually I could then finish building a theme, or just keep switching and using free ones that came out and see which one I like in addition to writing run on sentences. I’ve found that rather than trying to control all aspects of something, finding what you can delegate or use that’s good enough can suffice. It can be very challenging to modify a theme, which is why I originally wanted to make my own. Decided I would be better off just finding a theme that was close enough to what I wanted and just rolling with that rather than that keeping me from continue working. I decided to take the plunge after building a website around a java game I had built only to have the new version of Java come out and find my game as a potential security threat. Then decided that rather than dealing with this stuff, I’d rather someone else deal with it so I could keep making content rather than trying to always work on getting the system to work to display my content. Figure out where you want to spend your time.