Divinity Sin 2 is an RPG utilizing squad, turn-based combat and robust cooperative multiplayer. Larian Studios did an amazing job polishing their game, especially given its size and the countless ways to play through the game. Great interfaces provide the best opportunities for identifying those small tweaks that really put products in a league of their own. There’s always a line between perfection and timeliness. You can continue to iterate and improve upon an interface forever, but if you take too long the underlying technology will be obsolete, the momentum for the product will have died, or any other number of negative outcomes could occur.¬†Highlighted below are the top four areas in my opinion that could use improvement.

UX Improvements

Decided there were a few user experience issues to hit as long as I was at it. Here are four areas for improvement.

Abundance of Necrofire
  • Necrofire seems to overshadow all the other elements. It’s rare to have a fight that has any other element last through the encounter.

  • Necrofire is also difficult to change or put out, whereas anything can be changed to necrofire.

  • Ideally the elements would feel like they play an equal role and could transition between the different ones. A rock, paper, scissors setup would be better. Currently it feels like rock, paper, scissors, dynamite.
Combat Improvements
  • There are some moves, like The Pawn, left over movement, or polymorph shape changes that you can perform even after running out of AP. An option you could toggle on, requiring you to end the round, would fix that.
  • When you use a polymorph skill that gives you an additional skill, such as Flight, the icon will often be placed on a different skill bar. Keeping a space open for the new skill or having it replace the polymorph skill and providing a second counter for when the polymorph skill comes back would be much more user friendly.
Inventory Micromanaging
  • When you sell wares, you should be able to sell all characters wares rather than having to constantly dump them to one character.
  • When getting a reward, you need to be able to switch characters to see who needs what gear.
  • Already touched upon, but it feels like you need to manage the vendors inventories as well. Things that you sold them should be in their own tab to help clear out the clutter.
  • Being able to multi-select items would be a huge plus. Ironic that this was implemented on the console version, but is not available on PC.
Crafting Modifications
  • Currently the crafting feels very lopsided. There are a few amazing recipes such as upgrading your boots so you wont slip, making lock picks, and health potions. Others, feel like they will have great potential like crafting armor and clothes but fall short.
  • Early the player doesn’t have the materials to craft these things, and once they’ve hit level four or five, they’re often better off with whatever magical gear they’ve gotten rather than getting basic gear of an appropriate level. Currently it sounds great in theory but feels underwhelming in practice.