You need to find information about something so you do a search on Google. You find an article that seems reputable enough to help guide you through what you need to accomplish. All of a sudden BAM a popup wipes out the screen, the content you want fades to the back ground and front and center is a sign up for a newsletter. I don’t know when this started, but is is annoying as hell. I did a quick search and have even found guides on how to annoy your users.

Hide the information you want with information you don't.

Hide the information you want with information you don’t.

Another trait that has become rampant is the provocative headline which usually relies on hyperbolic phrases to entice a user to open the page for page click ad revenue. These headlines don’t give you any information and usually provide you with a crappy article you would be better off not reading.


There are a couple of ways to combat this. The easiest is if you get presented with a popup (I feel like I just went back to the 90’s) leave the page immediately. Give your attention to someone who values your interest in their content rather than pushing subscriptions. The same is true of the clickbait headlines. Don’t click on the link. Your friends forward you something “so amazing you’ve got to see it.” Reply that you don’t appreciate the hyperbole used to attract users and utterly disappoint them and unfortunately it goes against your moral and ethical beliefs. Plus you don’t like rodents in the first place. Take a stand, vote with your analytic data by being anal and avoiding sites that shit on their users.