Verdict: Awair Glow¬†works well enough that it’s probably the best buy at it’s price point. It measures more inputs than some of the others, and you could buy more than one to get a better picture of the whole house rather than a single room/area.

The Good:

  • App is easy to use and provides decent data points and time intervals allowing you to see your decisions affecting air quality in almost real time.
  • Form factor is small and pretty convenient being both a smart plug and connecting directly to the wall. It will require an adapter if you still have 2 pronged outlets.
  • I have nothing to compare it to for accuracy, but the data did correspond directly with activities. CO2 rising in closed environments when we were sleeping, dropping immediately when opening a door, etc.
  • Measures CO2 as well as VOC, temperature, and humidity.

The Bad:

  • Constantly disconnects from the WiFi, even when literally right next to the router.
  • The light keeps turning back on and has woken up the baby.

One thing that did come out of this experiment is the potential need for house plants to help clean the air inside our home. NASA conveinently already did the research which is nicely laid out in the graphic below. I am going to pair a Broadleaf Lady Palm and Varigated Snake Plant to cover all the toxins and the unique night oxygen release of the snake plant. They are both easy to maintain and care for as well.