2018 went by in a whirlwind. Lux was born, built a 3D printer, and technology continues to develop at an ever increasing pace. Hanna and I started working on an educational card game: Warrning: Flatulence Ahead (name may change), a game that stinks a little. Here’s the top products from 2018 on my list. We’ll see what 2019 brings, hopefully things better thanĀ declarations that cars have wheels.


I already have two shelves of books that are in the too read category. I am reading far less now that I travel less. These ones though are still on my list.


I had a GoPro HD Hero 2. Unfortunately the GoPro was ripped off into the watery abys during a white water rafting trip this past summer. This one looks like the best replacement at the moment.


This year Hanna and I have embarked upon a fun adventure: creating a card game. We’ve worked through a few prototypes and have started playtesting before launching on Kickstarter later this year. There’s a few games I’m interested in picking up still. We’ll see if they are still at the top of my list this year.


I have a few of the LIFX lights and find them to be super fun as well as useful. My daughter loves watching the colors change. It’s also handy being able to have a red light in her nursery with full dim control from any room. These don’t require a hub and can just be added on to the mobile app.


We’ve gone into the Sonos eco system, and I am still very much enjoying the music. My daughter is too. Next step is adding the TV to the mix and based on what I’ve found, the Sonos Beam seems like the best option.


Next tool I could use would be a Miter Saw. There’s a table I’d be interested in building and this would be the ticket to a great end result.


I use to fly a ton (every week) and stumbled on this tool. I don’t fly as often, but this sure seems super handy. I also need a new bag. I’ve tried two different kickstarter ones and found them to be supremely uncomfortable. This one keeps being the top dog, so maybe it will finally fit my torso and my gear.

Truck Equipment

Working from home and having a young child keeps you from going out much, but I plan on doing a lot more once she’s a bit older. Looking into bed liners for the F150, this seems like the best option to protect the investment.