Moog Teamcenter UX Improvements

Moog, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of control systems motion and fluid controls used in a range of sectors from medical, industrial, and aerospace applications.


Moog was in an interesting position where they already had an environment up and running, but had begun development on a second environment for a different team. Eventually it was decided these two environments should be merged by creating an overlay template to avoid a migration as well as incorporate functionality that both systems utilized. As part of this merger, there was a big initiative of utilizing the UX features available in the Teamcenter system to make the transition as smooth as possible.


  • The Teamcenter environment had been around for a couple decades bringing lots of customizations, old libraries, and general outdated methods into the equation.
  • Users were already using the environment and needed to continue using it uninterrupted.
  • A pilot program had been started with the new Teamcenter environment which would need to be merged with the old Teamcenter environment.


  • I created a datamodel dependency structure allowing the existing users to continue using Teamcenter without seeing the new objects brought in by our updated configuration.
  • I configured 175 style sheets to bring all the necessary properties to the create, summary, and revise screens avoiding uncessecary clicks and grouping properties in a logical working fashion.


  • We were able to launch the new system by overlaying it over the existing Teamcenter environment.
  • Users were able to access the new functionality if they had a need, but weren’t disrupted or even away of the changes if their role didn’t require the added capabilities.

Teamcenter Style Sheets Created

BMIDE Templates Merged

Custom Objects Managed