Milgard Brand Positioning

Milgard Windows and Doors is a specialization of Masco Corporation known for their lifetime warranty.


We were hired by Milgard to investigate their brand positioning and provide recommendations on how to further differentiate themselves. To accomplish this, our UX team posed as shoppers at a couple of different stores in the area to get a read on how the brands were perceived by the sellers, what online tools were used to help sell windows, and determine if there were any opportunities for an online tool on the Milgard website to assist in sales/positioning.


  • Home Depot sales representitives were most likely to recommend Jeld-Wen windows due to their large inventory, better prices, and current promotion.
  • Dixie Line sales representatitves seemed much more knowledgable and pushed Milgard from the beginning due to their customer service, warranty, and quality.
  • Some representatives did use online tools, though some of them were location specific.

Stores Validated

Undercover UX Customers