Lam Research Architecting Classification System

Lam Research Corporation engineers, manufactures, and maintains semiconductor processing equipment used in the creation of integrated circuits.


While we were getting ready to set up our plm system, we built an interim classification search system. Since this was a home grown system, we had to architect the both the administration side and user interface side.


  • Lam wanted to get real time classification up and rolling as soon as possible.
  • Because it was an interim solution, there were conflicts on what should be accomplished.
  • The system was going to be used before all the parts were loaded.


  • Having previously, heavily used McMaster Carr, Teamcenter Classification, and DFR among others, I defined the user requirements, builtĀ  wireframes/mockups of the interfaces, and developed the typical user process flow.
  • I performed user testing on the interfaces to ensure all requirements were met.


  • 102,000 COTS parts were imported into the system.
  • 453 Classes are available for users to search.
  • Users average 1,443 searches per month looking for parts.

Parts in the System

Number of Classes

Average Searches Per Month for first 12 months