L3 Technologies Data Model Development

L3 Technologies supplies a wide range of products to aerospace, telecommunications, and wireless customers.


L3 was undergoing a large ERP and PLM project tying together 20+ homegrown systems into a cohesive, user friendly, and efficient software package. I was in charge of developing their data model to house all of this data.


  • There were multiple sites potentially interested in using some of the solutions we developed, but not all of the solutions.
  • L3 had a very aggressive schedule requiring a method to do funtional development and data migration simultaneously without impacting either effort.
  • In the middle of the project we upgraded to Teamcenter 9.1 and ran into a myraid of incompatibility issues.


  • We created a modular design for the BMIDE Templates. There were 6 modules which had different dependencies depending on which solutions a L3 location wanted.
  • I created an extensive BMIDE development guide and trained a local employee on everything that had been accomplished.
  • I developed a process to allow continued migration and development to occur in parallel.


  • Our data model implementation resulted in a modular design which allowed for the most flexibility for future deployments.
  • Following Siemens best practices, we arrived with a future proof solution of business objects created as children off the existing objects.
  • We were able to meet all our requirements with a clear and easy to follow data model.

Custom Business Objects

BMIDE Templates