College Works Painting



College Works Painting provides undergraduates with an opportunity to run their own business. You function under their leadership learning sales, painting estimates, and managing a work crew.


  • The area I was a regional manager for was an hour from school.
  • The company has a really high overhead which makes it hard to keep a profit margin.
  • Painters are incredibly unreliable.
  • I sold more work than I ended up having painters ready to produce.


  • I ended up running two seperate painting crews so I would be able to produce all of the work I sold.
  • I was constantly interviewing painters to ensure I could keep stacking my crews as people left.
  • I developed a few methods to produce faster, higher-quality work to cut down on the overhead issue. One of the secrets was painting the eves the same color as the siding. This saves a substantial amount of time while providing a nice pop with the bottom of the facia board being the same color as the trim.

April Through September Sales

Top Sales Award, Sold in 4 Weeks