America First Credit Union is a is the 6th largest credit union in the US with their headquarters in Utah. I performed a competitive analysis on their website with special attention to the loans, navigation, and calculators. We also had some user testing results we wanted to validate against competitor sites.


  • Mortgage starting pages needed to use more appropriate diction for users, provide current mortgage rates for easy estimates, and have a mortgage home button to provide easy access.
  • Mortgage calculators need to allow quick value changes, real time results, comparison abilities, and a call to action for the next step.
  • Loan consultant pages need a FAQ, allow users to save, inform users no personal information is required, and have advanced options for expert users.
  • Mortgage application pages need to keep the form above the fold, inform users of the expected time to complete, and provide task descriptions.
  • Home equity pages need to have highly visible calls to action, break up the form into related parts, and inform users how long the process will take before starting.
  • Auto loan pages need to keep navigation consistent, inform users how long the process will take, and make the text easier to read by using bullets or similar functionality.

Banks Compared

Sections Reviewed