ACE Continuing Education Redesign

American Council on Exercise is a nonprofit fitness education, certification, and training company.


ACE provides initial certifications as well as continuing education to maintain certifications. I worked on a project to update their continuing education website.


  • ACE needed a method to highlight certain courses without pushing the others too far out of the limelight.
  • ACE wanted to improve their position as a leading continuing education provider.
  • There needed to be more attention devoted to how live events were handled.
  • Needed to develop a system for ranking their courses in the search results to allow for priority ranking.



  • I started off by creating a sitemap to determine their current layout. This helped identifiy duplicates, dead ends, and their current flow. It is depicted below.
  • I then wireframed out the content paying special attention to their promoted courses, search requirements, and emphasis on becoming one of their premium members.

Courses Offered

Wireframed Pages