Telephone pictionary is a simple game that could be turned into a mobile came pretty seamlessly due to its asynchronous nature. The prototype has been started using a pretty neat tool called JUSTINMIND. I actually have been finding this to be on par with Visio, possibly better. There’s a free version you should check out if you’re looking for a new wireframing tool. There linking system is robust and there is quite a bit of functionality available, not to mention being able to test on your prototype directly on a phone.

I will teach you how to play in a few quick steps.

  1. Make some friends that are creative, fun, and will hang out with you.
  2. Get these friends together.
  3. Create pieces of paper that are approximately 2in. x 3in.
  4. Create a stack of paper for each person that is going to play that contains that many pieces of paper.
    • For example if 5 people are playing, you will need 5 stacks of 5 pieces of paper
  5. Pass each friend a writing implement.
  6. On the first piece of paper write something, ideally witty.
  7. Pass the entire stack to your neighbor on a predetermined side.
  8. Look at the top of the stack that has your neighbors writing, then move that piece of paper to the bottom.
  9. Draw what was written on the blank piece of paper.
  10. Pass the stack to your neighbor again in the same direction.
  11. Look at the drawing, then move that piece of paper to the bottom.
  12. Write what the drawing was.
  13. Continue repeating in an alternating fashion until you are done.


  1. Download our app once we have finished.