Teamcenter is a product lifecycle management tool, which is often abbreviated as PLM. Not to be mistaken with product lifestyle tool, this software is an information management system that integrates business systems, processes, data, and people throughout the lifecycle of a product.

It is arguably the most powerful option in the product life cycle management sector. It is also arguably the hardest to use software, not limited to this sector. Siemens continues to add more and more functionality which only makes the software harder and harder to use. Because of this, companies hire consultants to help them configure the software to meet their business needs. One of the best comparisons I’ve heard is to that of a cash register. Cash registers are all very similar and perform similar functions, but they are specialized to each business. You have buttons that correspond to your most often purchased items, codes setup to price less common items, and a method of recording data. The software has to be configured to match the business. When configuration isn’t enough, code can be written to modify the product even further.

I have primarily been involved with configuration tasks. These include:

  • Style sheets
  • BOM Grading
  • Command Suppression
  • Application Suppression
  • BMIDE (Business Modeler Integrated Development Environment)
  • Preferences
  • Reports
  • Workflows
  • Querys
  • Access Manager

I’ve also created a few custom processes. I created the Teamcenter BMIDE process to allow for migration and development to run in parallel.  While I was at Siemens I worked on doing a Teamcenter usability diagnostic.

In addition I also have written documentation and performed training on:

  • BOM grading
  • Command suppression and application suppression
  • Creating Custom Icons for the Rich Client
  • Externally Managed lovs
  • Preferences and ACL Rules
  • Style Sheets
  • General Configuration
  • Deployment Process
  • Migration Configuration
  • Security
  • Workflow Documentation