Despite sounding like a new method to make products sold at a craft fair, I think the creation of a novel is akin to a craft. It takes steady hands, passion, and lots of googly eyes.

I’ve been working on writing a novel for a few years. As soon as you tell someone this their first question is what is it about? Despite the seeming innocuousness of this question and the redundant use of the word, I would rather they ask something that I shouldn’t know like “when will you be done?”. The question of what the book is about is hard to answer, since I haven’t finished it yet. I come up with great ideas that I have to scrap because they don’t fit, I find I have better ideas that need to replace ones with holes, I continually discover new interesting directions to go. The process is interesting, fun, and quite amazing. In a few rambling sentences, I don’t want to tell you yet.


Current stats:

Book 1: 10555 words

Book 2: 73419 words

Those titles are working titles.