Layogenics the creation of Sean Lawson and Brendan Jonesrebandt. We aim to explore what it takes to start different businesses and see what goes on in the inner workings. The research that has gone into the first episode on opening a gym is staggering. We’ve talked with real estate investment trust managers, gym owners, franchises, gym goers, and burrito makers. They fed us during our conversations with the relevant individuals. Coming up with a name for the podcast was interesting enough that our first article is a deep dive into the parameters of a good name and what Michael Scott has to say about the accuracy of Wikipedia.

One of the first things to tackle was our podcast opening. We came up with several different options that had distinct feels to them.

Intro Options:


Our original attempt made by Sean Lawson was clean, elegant, and ready to roll.


Our acoustic option was also made by Sean and definitely has a different feel to it. For some reason it reminds me of a documentary exploring some medieval monestaries.

Techno Intro

Kicking ass and taking names, Sean put together a cutting edge feel to the intro.

Custom Made

Now when I say custom made, I mean I played the drums, the guitar, and put it all together. I ran into some interesting issues making up some music on the spot for the instrumentation and recording it seperately. The hardest part was there was a slight delay between the playing of the instrument and the recording. This caused tremendous problems when putting it together and made it impossible to listen to yourself while you played. All in all I thought it turned out ok, but clearly some random cables and software I cobbled together off the internet don’t give it quite the same crispness.

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