I bought a 40 inch television┬áto use as a monitor. Now this wouldn’t normally be an issue, except that I already had two 23 inch monitors and I no longer had a desk big enough to fit the monitor setup. When I built my computer a few years ago I had specifically chosen one that would be able to use three monitors with only one graphics card. I was finally going to be able to utilize this functionality, except they wouldn’t fit. I decided to build a desk.

I bought a sheet of plywood for the desktop, 4×4 posts for the legs, a 1×4 for the front support and 2x4s for support for the rest of the desk. Sanded it all smooth and then figured out how I wanted to attach everything. I decided I would bolt the legs on, which would allow me to remove them to transport it more easily. To cover the top I used an epoxy resin. The lumber cost just under $100 and the epoxy mix and miscellaneous supplies brought the total to $220. I was really pleased with the results. The epoxy really has an incredible finish. Tools required for this project are drill, saw, sander, and space to let the epoxy dry for three days. I realize the last isn’t a tool, but is definitely still required.